Account Registration FAQ

1. Who can register and open an account in CRyptoMoney?
Every individual and legal entity can register in the system and open an account. The only requirement for all system’s members – to be a person of majority age. Having agreed with the CRyptoMoney Terms of Use, a member confirms that he or she is the person of majority age in the resident country and use the website without abusing on the native state’s legislation.
2. How can I register in CRyptoMoney?
To create an account, just go through a simple registration and fill out a short form. To do this, click the "Sign Up" tab, fill in all the necessary data and activate your account.
3. Is it possible for one user to have multiple accounts?
No, the system’s rules don’t allow creating of multiple accounts. One IP address may have one account.
4. My family members use the same PC. Can we create a separate account for each of us?
Yes, each of you can register in CRyptoMoney. The only condition is not to take part in the affiliate program. Contact the customer support service before registration having navigated to "Contacts" tab.
5. How much does the registration cost?
The CRyptoMoney account creation is free for all users.

Questions on account

1. Why in the "My Account" section you need to enter the old password when you press the "Save" button?
This is done for account security, so that no one except you personally could not enter someone else's data and save them.
2. Why after saving of my account, I cannot edit the data field?
For your account security reasons, the possibility of data editing is only possible after contacting technical support in "Contacts" section.
3. Where can I see the statistics on deposits, withdrawals, referral payouts and tournament games?
Complete statistics for all of the above is in the section "Profile" - "Account".
4. Why do I need a field with " Spare wallet address " in the "My Wallets" section?
This is done primarily for convenience, since many users work with cryptocurrency wallets in different systems, and they need to withdraw or deposit funds, working with different wallets.
Attention! If you use only one wallet, put a dash in the "Spare wallet address" line and save only one working wallet, so that no one was able to enter someone else's wallet and withdraw your money.

Questions on the main account

1. How can I replenish main account?
Go to the "Game" section, choose one of the 3 cryptocurrency in the upper footer (BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH), and click the "Deposit" tab. You will be prompted to refill your account from the wallets that you've previously specified in the Dashboard under "My wallets" section. If you do not have the software installed for automatic payment, the transfer of funds should be done in manual mode, by copying of the wallet address in the recharge box and completing the transaction in your wallet by sending the amount, that specified above the QR-code in the recharge box. Please, pay attention! To transfer the sum displayed by payment service it is necessary to make it up to the last digit after the decimal point.
2. What is the minimum deposit amount for the main account?
To recharge the main account the deposit amount should be not less than 0.002 BTC, 100 DOGE, 0.1 LTC, 0.01 ETH.
3. What is the maximum deposit amount for the main account?
The size of one replenishment has no limits on the amount.
4. What is the amount of the minimum and the maximum bet?
The minimum amount for making a bet is 0.00000100 ВТС, 1 DOGE, 0.00001000 LTC, 0.00001000 ETH. The maximum bet can be 1 ВТС, 550000 DOGE, 20 LTC, 10 ETH.
5. What time does it take to deposit money on my account?
After the payment registration, the money will be credited to an account in CRyptoMoney after the first confirmation of your transaction by the cryptocurrency system. Sometimes payment is processed longer but no more than 24 hours. If during this time the money hasn't been settled to your account, we ask you to contact the support service. We also kindly ask you to point out the transfer details. Our experts will solve your problem.
6. How often the data the winning is updated?
The entire winning stat is updated every second.
7. What happens to the bet multiplier when it stops at a value between 0 and 1?
Even if the multiplier shows the value in the range from 0 to 1, it doesn't mean that the bet is completely lost. It is returned to the balance being multiplied by the value from 0 to 1. For example: You have made a bet of 1 BTC and the multiplier issued the value of 0.5. In this case, 1 * 0.5 = 0.5 BTC will be returned to your balance.

Money Withdrawal FAQ

1. What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn from CRyptoMoney?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC, 100 DOGE, 0.5 LTC, 0.05 ETH. There are no restriction son the maximum withdrawal. You can withdraw as much money as you currently have on your balance. You can check your balance in the "Game" section.
2. What time does it take to process the inquiry for money withdrawal?
The request for money means withdrawing is processed within 24 hours.
3. Are there any additional charges from CRyptoMoney when withdrawing money through payment system?
No, CRyptoMoney system doesn’t mean any hidden charges and additional fees. The additional fee is taken by payment system only in the amount of 0.001 BTC, 0.001 LTC, 12 DOGE, 0.0012 ETH, which are deducted from money, received by withdrawal request. We pay charges by ourselves.
4. Can I withdraw money in day-off?
Yes, you surely can. The requests for funds withdrawing are processed every day.
5. Is there any risk that my sensitive data will be transferred to the third party?
No, your personal data and monetary operations information are strictly confidential and cannot be transmitted to the third parties.

The Affiliate Program

1. Does CRyptoMoney have an affiliate program?
Yes. There is a single-level affiliate program in CRyptoMoney. Our partners receive up to 0.05% from each bet made by invited participants. More information about the affiliate program can be found in the "Partnership" section.
2. Who can take part in the affiliate program?
Each user of our system can be rewarded for attracting referrals. The CRyptoMoney specialists have prepared the advertising content for the easy attraction of new referrals. They are available for each user in the "Partnership" section.
3. Can I change the project member that brought me into the system?
No, it is impossible to change affiliated partner after the registration.
4. Is it necessary to take part in the affiliate program?
No, taking part in the affiliate program is voluntary. This is just an additional possibility for the project members to increase their income via reward for referrals.

Questions about the bonus

1. Why do I need a test account and what opportunities it provides?
After registration in the CRyptoMoney system, each participant can receive a free bonus to theirs test accounts. The bonus amount is fixed and it is: 0.1 BTC, 100000 DOGE, 10 LTC, 10 ETH. You can get the bonus unlimited amount of times but only if the test account’s balance is empty. Using a test account, each user can try out the system before they start gambling.

Security and Guarantees

1. Whether I need to upload the scans of my papers while registering at CRyptoMoney?
No, all CRyptoMoney members information is confidential. There is no need to upload personal papers to become our club member.
2. What security guarantees the system gives towards confidentiality of personal data and funds?
The CRyptoMoney sticks strictly to the privacy policy. The transferring of personal data and income reports to the third parties is impossible. SSL and Anti-DDOS protection provide the safety for the website data.
3. Can I increase the safety of my account on my own?
To keep your account away from hacking, don’t give the third parties access to your personal data, login, password. Use capital letters and additional symbols instead of figures only for password generation. Do not click the potentially dangerous links and use updated antivirus programs only.
4. I have forgotten my account password. How can I recover it?
To recover forgotten or lost password, use the button “Forgot password?”. Follow the further instruction sent to the entered e-mail.
5. I have forgotten my account login. How can I recover it?
Contact the customer support service via "Contacts" menu. Your login will be sent to e-mail that you have entered while registering in the system.
6. I have forgotten both my account password and login. How can I recover them?
Contact the customer support service via "Contacts" menu. Your login will be sent to e-mail that you have entered while registering in the system. To recover forgotten or lost password, use the button “Forgot password?”.
7.I can’t access the e-mail I have entered while registering in the CRyptoMoney. Can I change the e-mail?
Contact the customer support service via "Contacts" menu. You will have to provide the following data: the previous e-mail, CRyptoMoney login, e-wallet number, which will be connected to the account.
8. I have changed the e-wallet in the payment system. How can I change it in CRyptoMoney account?
Contact the customer support service via "Contacts" menu. You will have to provide the following data: the current e-mail, CRyptoMoney login, new e-wallet number in the payment system.
9. What to do in case if my account is hacked?
In case of detection of hacking of your CRyptoMoney personal account, immediatelyinform thecustomer service;change the passwords of your e-mail and CRyptoMoney accounts.